a story to be told towards invisible home technology

The story of prado begins in Belgium with a diverse team of experts who dare to think differently. Since 2017, the aim has been to forever change the world of outlets and push buttons. Now, it’s our purpose to continue leading the way in invisible home technology by designing smart, minimal and functional innovations that speak the language of architecture and bring tranquility to every space.

Redefining electrical outlets and switches

Prado reshaped the world of sockets and switches, both literally and figuratively. Together with a team of experts, electrical outlets, switches, etc., were launched characterised by a minimalist, all-round design without compromising on functionality. In 2023, the dedication to innovation and design was globally recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design category. This is a testament to the commitment to minimalism and tranquility, enhancing the uniformity and serenity of your interior environment.

We aim not just to change the way homes are designed; we aim to transform how people live by creating invisible home technology.

Thibault Renson, Founder

light + ventilation - better together

It takes the brightest minds to build the best products. By bringing together industry experts from both the lighting and ventilation industry, prado is taking ventilation valves to a whole new level in 2020. Simply by making them disappear. In 2021, ‘light + ventilation’ received the Red Dot Design Award 2021 – Best of the Best.
The ambition to bring tranquility to the ceiling comes to life through smart combinations and innovations, standing as proof of the dedication to enhancing the tranquility of both ceilings and walls, perfectly aligning with architectural language.

Modern craftmanship

Our vision is to work on simple and pure solutions to make the interior of your home smarter and more aesthetically pleasing. Here, an experienced research and development team works hand-in-hand with skilled artisans to develop innovative solutions that meet the aesthetic and functional needs of architects and installers but also elevate the smartness and beauty of interiors. During the design process, we constantly prioritize form, material and functionality.

Unifit series: global design and functionality

Our research and development team has unveiled a groundbreaking all-in-one socket that caters to the needs of both architects and installers. Available in various models and types, this outlet ensures global applicability and versatility, making it a universal solution for seamless and sophisticated home technology integration.

Prado America llc is a part of Prado Europe bv.

Our approach towards innovation: minimalism, functionality, design.

Gauthier Lambrecht, Sales Manager

Meet the team

Thibault Renson General Manager
Gauthier Lambrecht Sales Manager
Luna Van de Genachte Sales North America
Ward Sampers Operations
Jolien Masscheleyn Inside Sales
Marino Bekaert R&D
Barsat Osmani Production
Jamila Boushine Sales Middle East
Loïc De Maeght Sales
Bart De Zutter R&D
Hanne Dewaele Marketing
Andrea El Osta Lighting Designer
Mathieu Willems Sales Export
Andreas Leemans Production
Robin Devreese Production
Peter Vanveerdeghem R&D
Mira Syryn Inside Sales
Bernard Renson Project Manager
Frederick Coulier Production
Anthony Queritet Sales
Frauke Destrijcker R&D
Saartje Eggermont Inside Sales
Ibrahim Chaara Sales NL
Jonathan D'hoorne Production
Hussein Abdullah Ali Production
Charlotte Noppe Marketing
Kim Desot Inside Sales
Christophe Coulier Production
Charles Dejonghe Sales UK
Ruben Serruys R&D
Karolina Ciara Production
Jules Vandewalle Brand Design
Bidia Diakité Sales FR
Bart Sampers Production
Lara Tryhou Operations
Sammy Soete Production
Romy Bechara Lighting Designer
Florian Berquet Production
Lorenz Jehs Marketing
Nicolas Lambrecht Sales
Jill Sel Inside Sales
Jürgen Depuydt Production
Quentin Coene Production
Dieter Dekeyzer R&D